Reckless Kelly is one of those bands that everyone knows and when it comes to the top of the music scene these guys are no strangers.

Reckless Kelly is one of my all time favorite bands to listen to and get ready for the night out on the town or to sit back and relax to. So you can only begin to imagine how hard it is to pick out my top five songs for these guys but here we go!


5.Good Luck and True Love- This is the title track of their latest album "Good Luck and True Love", and was the first radio single from the album and was an instant hit among listeners  it was just too new for me to place to high in the top five but as always a great song.


4.I Stayed Up All Night Again- From their latest album "Good Luck and True Love" it is one of the love songs that have not been released to radio but its still one of my favorite songs to listen to about a broken heart.


3. Seven Nights In Erie-With an unmistakeable intro this song puts you in the Irish party mood and is definitely one of the crowd favorites at the live shows. If you hurry to the dance floor you might just get a spot on the dance floor but your not going to be left out of the party standing at  the front of the stage.


2. Nobody's Girl- Off of the "Under The Table and Above The Sun" its one of the classic Reckless Kelly songs that is upbeat and rockin. This song puts the lovers and revenge seekers out on the dance floor and spinning the night away. If your not a dancer its definitely one of the songs that makes you want to pour up the shots and act like a tough guy or gal.


1. Crazy Eddies Last Hurrah- One of the  very first songs that Reckless Kelly released it is a definite crowd pleaser and the ultimate drinking song. When the Texas Music Scene was first blooming it seemed that everyone that was listening to the scene had this song on at least one of their cds. Its my all time favorite song they do live and every person in the crowd sings along guaranteed.