The Randy Rogers Band is one of the most popular bands ever to hit the Texas Music Scene. No matter when you became a part of the Texas Music revolution you have heard one of his songs, attended at least one of his shows, or bought one of his albums.

The Randy Rogers Band doesn't have any problems ringing out music to please Texas music lovers, which makes picking the top 5 songs a very hard task. But here we go.......

5. Better Off Wrong- From the "Just A Matter of Time" album this song takes the ever so cliche stand point of a break up and everyone's opinion how you never did enough to make it work. But the twist comes when he tells the story lyrically on everything that was wrong and how it wasn't going to work things were just "Better Off Wrong"

4.Tonight's Not The Night- A classic RRB song that puts all the lovers and prospectors of the evening looking to seal the deal on the dance floor. The lyrics depict that story we have all lived at one point where you were don't want to leave her standing under the porch light and have to drive off with out making it the perfect night. A true story and a perfect song to fall in love to  on the dance floor. It comes off of the" Rollercoaster" album from 2004.

3. In My Arms Instead- From the self titled album this song is what goes through any guys mind when they fall in love and loose it all. No matter where you go you can't get away from the memories or the mental triggers that you developed with that person. A true crowd favorite at any show will bring all the single people to the floor and put them to two stepping.

2. Interstate- From the latest album "Burning The Day". This is a fun song that if taken from the perspective of the artist puts a real feel to what life on the road is like and the balancing act that it requires between loving and working. The tune was a instant hit in the radio world when it was released as the RRB single. The music video also drew lots of attention because it was shot at the shows and caused fans to go wild and crazy.

1. Kiss Me In The Dark- This is the staple song that everyone knows when the first chord rings out. It doesn't matter if you are new to Texas music or a life long fan you know this song word for word. Every person in the venue will crowd the dance floor until its so packed you can't move then sing every word of the song at the top of their lungs. This is the ultimate ladies song and one that the guys don't mind dancing to with the hopes of stealing that kiss in the dark!