In the world of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices I haven't even heard of there are always those apps that drain your battery and time.  Some would say Facebook or Twitter but I'm talking about the funny ones.

There are quite a few apps many people consume their time with and talk about daily and I'm not talking about the games or social networking.  I'm talking about the apps with funny pictures.  There are so many of them but what apps are the top used?  My personal favorites would be 'The Chive' and 'iFunny' but there are a few more that are fairly popular as well such as 'Epic Fail', 'Silly Pics', and 'DYAC' (Damn You Auto Correct).  Here's a fun fact for you, people spend on average over 90 minutes per day on mobile apps.  I want to know which one you use the most?