San Angelo's Award-Winning Twin Mountain Tonesmen are about to put on their 36th annual show this Saturday, May 2nd in the Sarah Bernhardt theater.

This year the Tonesmen are doing a special tribute to the Cavaliers who started their very successful career right here in San Angelo back in the mid 50's. The Cavaliers are best known for a huge hit recorded locally in 1964 called  Last Kiss (featuring J. Frank Wilson).

This year's theme is 'Back In The Old Routine' done in Vaudeville style.They are even bringing a world famous quartet in as part of the show.

This is going to be a very entertaining night for everyone this Saturday at the Sarah Bernhardt Theater starting at 7:29 pm, not 7:30! 7:29 has been a traditional starting time for the Tonesmen for many years.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Clark, director of the Tonesmen and he had a lot of insight into the show and what to expect, as well as where to get tickets and more. Check the above interview out for more information.