Looking for something for that hard to buy for somebody?  Take a look at a new line of self defense/privacy storage furniture that is hidden in plain sight.

Facebook- QLine Design

My dad emailed me a link to check out some cool new furniture, sounds weird yes but wait until you see it.  Basically the company QLine Design specializes in handcrafting furniture with all sorts of secret compartments.  In the video it seems they were all designed for easy hidden access to firearms and things of the self defense nature.  You can also simply use the pieces to hide other things like jewelry and things of great value.  At first I really didn't think I'd be impressed with it but after watching the videos and seeing all the features I was quite impressed.  The cool thing is they are hidden in plain sight and nobody will ever know what you're hiding or where.  QLine Design utilizes every single area that could be used to hide your valuables.  The secret latches are actually hidden pretty well also and you would HAVE to know what you were looking for to unlock the unit.  In the bookshelf alone he had a magnet lock, pressure lock and pin locks in various areas.  They offer bookshelves, end tables, coffee tables, entertainment centers and filing cabinets but break out the check book cause they aren't cheap.  The end table runs about $850 but it is handcrafted.  The bookshelf on the other hand really wasn't that bad given what all it does and the storage capacity with a price tag of $3,900.  For the coffee table, entertainment center and filing cabinet you have to email the company and get a quote.  I think it's a pretty cool idea, check out the videos below and let me know what you think.