Uncle Lucius has finally released their long anticipated new album, The Light. They released the crowd-funded album June 9th, and went on sale on iTunes the 8th at midnight.

I had pleasure of talking to Uncle Lucius' drummer and vocalist, Josh Greco. Josh explained why this new project has been three years in the making. Uncle Lucius has five very good writers in the band. We talked about how that works for the band when, often in other bands, egos tend to get in the way.

Something else we talked  about was that when so many bands are trying to get a major record deal, they were celebrating getting out of theirs. Uncle Lucius is based out of Austin but won't be spending a lot of time there for a while as they head out on an east and west coast tour, plus they are headed for a tour in Europe as well.

For the whole story, Check out our interview from yesterday in the above video, and be sure to pick up a copy of the new album.