I just landed in San Angelo and I’m looking for a great place to eat. Give me your suggestions!

Hey there, San Angelo. I just flew in and I’m starving!  I’m taking Tommy, Candise, and Ben to lunch this week. Since I’m not from the area, I’m going to leave the decision up to you. Comment below with your favorite restaurant and what I should order.

I’ll take the Kickin’ crew to eat at whichever place gets the most votes and we’ll blog our way through all of the food you suggest. Bonus- Ben chews with his mouth open so those photos should be, uh... interesting.

So tell me what you think- Where’s the best place to eat in town and what should be order? Keep in mind I’m paying and Tommy eats a LOT. Go easy on me. I can’t wait to hear what you recommend!

-Lauren the out-of-town Kickin’ blogger.