In Wade Bowen’s recent Top 40 single “Saturday Night” he poses the question, “Why does everybody love Saturday night?” Well, there’s a lot of reasons Wade; it’s a big party night, most of us don’t have to work Sunday, Radio Texas, LIVE! is on, the list is endless. But now we’ve got one more reason to love this Saturday night (8/18) in particular as Wade Bowen returns to East Texas to perform for The MDA Benefit Rodeo and Concert in Athens.

Wade and his new album recently got a great endorsement. When Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum was asked what he’s favorite album is, he was quick to respond “The Given” by Wade Bowen and advised folks that were unfamiliar with him to go check him out.

Needless to say Wade thought that was awesome, “That’s as cool as it gets. When someone you don’t really know, knows you, and they give you an endorsement like that… And it’s nice that they’re actually listening to record, that means a lot.”

I spoke to both Jack Ingram and Wade both last week about the MDA Benefit Rodeo and Concert. Ingram will be headlining the Friday night concert. I asked both if my listeners can only make it to one show that he weekend who does each recommend? Jack laughed, “That’s a no brain-er if you wouldn’t rather people see your show, you shouldn’t be doin’ it.”

Wade on the other hand was more modest in his response saying, “Oh I would definitely, for sure go to Jack Ingram’s, he’s great man. One of my favorite artists, I wish I could be half as intense as Jack Ingram.”

Both shows are sure to be great, you can purchase your tickets now by clicking here.

Be sure to join Wade and me at Cavenders on the Loop in Tyler this Saturday from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. we’ll be hanging out, signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone who stops by.

If you’d like to hear my entire interview with Wade, just press play down there. See y’all Friday and Saturday night in Athens.