We all have our favorite artist in the Texas Red Dirt Scene and we highlight some of these artist every now and then but I want to highlight some of these artist best songs.Here are the top 5 songs that Wade Bowen has recorded and put out for us to enjoy in my eyes.

5. Resurrection- This is a track that everyone at some point and time can relate two, it comes off of one of his strongest albums and my personal favorite "Lost Hotel". This album was jam packed with music that set up the Texas Music scene as one full of love but still ready to party. The song is a ode to that past relationship that wore you out mentally and that you just wanted to give the middle finger too.

4. Nobody's Fool- From the album "If  We Ever Make It Home" is one of those songs that puts me in the mood to just go out and say if you don't like me then get out of the way! Its a rockin upbeat song about living the perfect life  but like every dream you have to wake up and say  what in the world was I thinking? Its a solid two step song for the single folks on the dance floor and it gets everyone pumped up and ready to take the night on!

3. Walkin' Along the Fenceline- Also from the "Lost Hotel" album this song is a direct reflection of the times that we sit back and put our selves in check. This is the song that I find my self turning this song on and jamming when I am reflecting on a big decision or have a problem that I need to fix. A crowd favorite at the shows it packs the dance floor and brings a depth, and vulnerability  to the music that is often left out of other songs.

2. Who I Am- The ultimate love song that gives you the chance to slow dance and not have to say a word to let your significant other know how you feel. This is the song that every true Wade Bowen fan knows word for word and will sing it religiously before the first verse ever comes in. It was first recorded on the " The Blue Light Live" album and still makes set lists 6 years later.

1. Mood Ring- From the jam packed album "Lost  Hotel" this is my top pick for the ultimate Wade Bowen song ever released. The allure to the song is simple if I only had a mood ring to tell me what that girl was thinking then life would be so much easier. You better know the opening chords to the song because once it gets started you will have a hard time finding a spot on the dance floor to dance the night away with that one girl or guy you have had in your mind all night. Its a crow pleaseer  and if you have ever been to a Wade Bowen show you will know that it is often placed in the encore list for a good reason.


What is your favorite Wade Bowen song and why? Leave a comment below and tell us about it so we can talk all about it on Wednesday morning.

Here is a link to all the music that I have talked about in this blog  so get out there and support your favorite artist and buy their music.