I saw Warm Bodies last night. It's the new zombie movie hitting the box office, check out what I thought of it.

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I went and saw Warm Bodies last night with my roommate and I thought it was good! I'm pretty hooked on the whole "zombie" craze as me being a die hard The Walking Dead fan, and I definitely wanted to go check this film out. It is a romantic comedy, but it definitely has some qualities that guys will actually want to go see it too. It's pretty gory but it has a good story line. It doesn't hurt that the main character whose named R is pretty dang cute. For the girls, it has the sweet story of a young girl and her new zombie friend. For the guys, it has blood and guts. The story line was funny and it has one of my favorite actors in it as a zombie himself, Rob Corddry who's named M in the movie. Guys if you are looking to take your sweetheart out on a date night to the movies, this is a cute movie to take her to. Girls, who doesn't like a funny love story with a hot guy as the main character? My vote for the film was it was a good one! Hopefully Hollywood keeps pumping out zombie films like this!