Snakes are just a part of everyday life in Texas, and especially in West Texas. With Spring officially here, these creepy-crawly guys are going to be on the move too. Everyone wants a piece of the warmer weather, and who can blame them because they have been cooped up all winter like the rest of us, and rattlesnakes tend to be more aggressive and attack-happy this time of year.

Lonesome Dove Hunting Retriever Club is putting on the 8th Snake-Proofing Clinic at the Tom Green County 4-H Center on 67 North on April 4th. The cost is $40 per dog, and discounts are offered for owners with multiple dogs. Dogs need to be at least 6 months old to go through the program, and any and all breeds are welcome. Pre-register now by calling 234-9250 or 642-4539 which helps you from having to wait to terribly long for you and your pup's turn.

The program is designed by a professional dog and snake handler from Brownwood, Texas, who works with de-fanged snakes to help your dog learn to avoid rattlesnakes while out and about. Rattlesnakes don't stick to just the outer rural areas, you can find them in town too, so your backyard pooch is at just as much risk as Joe Blow's hunting dog.

One of the great things about this program is that it teaches your dog not to just rely on sound because rattlesnakes aren't rattling as much as they used to anymore (evolution at work here), so the program also teaches them to rely on sight and smell just as much as sound. It is also recommended that you invest in the rattlesnake vaccine, especially if you know your dog is at a higher risk of being bitten. This gives you enough time to get to a vet, and potentially save your dogs life if bitten.

Here is a full list of vets in San Angelo:

North Concho Veterinary Clinic
730 W 14th St
San Angelo, TX
(325) 653-1391

Arden Road Animal Clinic
3402 Arden Rd
San Angelo, TX 76901
(325) 949-6557

Southside Animal Hospital
59 E Ave L
San Angelo, TX
(325) 653-0113

Womack Christopher DVM
729 W 29th St
San Angelo, TX
(325) 653-1037

Knickerbocker Road Animal Hospital
3209 Knickerbocker Rd
San Angelo, TX
(325) 944-9444

Main Street Animal Clinic
703 N Main St
San Angelo, TX
(325) 658-5020

Green Meadow Veterinary Hospital
3446 Green Meadow Dr
San Angelo, TX
(325) 224-2818

San Angelo Veterinary Hospital
108 N Milton St
San Angelo, TX
(325) 653-3301

Texas Vet Lab Inc
(325) 658-3838
1702 North Bell Street
San Angelo, TX 76903