As you know, we at Kickin' Country 103.1 are doing a few contests for you to win cash money, if I were to ever win a contest like this, here is what I would do with the money.

Flickr-Tracy O

Every weekday in November we at KKCN are giving you the chance to win some serious cash money! Each day Monday through Friday we're giving a chance twice a day to win $1000 for your pocket. Also, we're giving you the chance to win $10,000 online. You can enter as many times online for your chance to snag that big bag of cash as well.

If I won some cash money like that me, as being a broke college student the first thing I would do with some of the money would be to pay off some of my college loans so I could get my head above water from the crazy amount of loans I have. Then I would definitely spend just a little bit in on spoiling myself for winning so much money! I would also set a little back for savings for a new car, my poor baby jetta is just not gonna make it very much longer. I would also use the rest of whats left of my chunk of change towards paying some rent, insurance, and other bills for sure. My $10,000 would most likely be spent before I even received it.

But this contests are no joke so be listening in all day for your chance to call in to snag that $1,000 cash as well as register online to win that $10,000! If you want a chance to win $10,000 from Kickin' Country, click here to enter our contest!