The 2012 Major League Baseball season is a couple of weeks in and full of surprises.  Which is the biggest surprise so far this season?Most of baseballs heavy hitters are off to a slow start.  It’s frustrating for the organizations and the fans.  However some other things are very surprising in the first half of the MLB season.

For the longest time, the AL East has been owned by the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. In recent years, the Tampa Bay Rays have put up  a fight, but this year it’s the Baltimore Orioles that are leading the division, while Boston and New York are sitting towards the bottom of the standings. Can the Orioles continue this run?

Two other teams that are raising eyebrows in their respective divisions are the Cleveland Indians and Washington Nationals. The Nationals have been among the worst team in baseball for years, but right now, they are in first place.

Cleveland has been on the cusp of a big playoff run for some time, but always ran into trouble with the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins.  Those two teams are nowhere close to the Indians right now.

Another big surprise is the fact that Albert Pujols is off to one of his worst starts. He signed a massive 10-year contract with the Angels this offseason, but so far his production has not shown his worth.