You've seen them live and heard them on the radio and I promise you they'll go far.  San Angelo based, Whiskey Skyline, has been recording some new tunes which I know you'll love.

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Whiskey Skyline is a four piece band from right here in the Concho Valley that started with one young man and his guitar.  When I first moved to San Angelo I met Kramer LaBarge through the grapevine of acoustic shows and hanging out with friends.  Kramer has become a great friend to not just me but also the entire Kickin' Country crew.  Throughout the years of growing as a musician and songwriter Kramer went from just him and a guitar to adding some faces to the group.  On lead guitar it's Jarred Whitlock, slappin' the bass is Adrian Guillen and banging around on the drums, Tyler Yarbro.  Together they cut on EP which you may remember Black Dress and Haze and they're at it again.  The guys have been recording new music with Bart Rose of Fort Worth Sound which will top the last.  They haven't decided if they want to birth a full length album or an EP but regardless I can't wait to hear all of it.  Back in December I was in Fort Worth visiting family and got to swing by the studio to catch the recording process, hear a couple of rough cuts and talk to the guy and Bart about music.  You've heard the first recording on the radio titled Easy but this week they've sent me the latest, Tonight.  Just hearing these two new ones makes me hungry for more music.  They have a unique sound a little more rockin' but still has the country element.  You can hear all of their influences come out during shows and it's always a great time.  Of course dates are always subject to change in this industry but they are shooting for a late summer drop date.  Take a gander at the new songs below and enjoy!

Facebook- Whiskey Skyline

Whiskey Skyline - Tonight

Whiskey Skyline feat. Jessi England - Easy

Whiskey Skyline feat. Charla Corn - Way Back Then