The United States is coming off a heart-breaking (completely unexpected) tie to Portugal in the FIFA World Cup 2014.  Next up is the power house Germany tomorrow at 11 a.m.  Make sure your schedule is cleared because the game is going to be a nail biter. Just in case you didn't know, Germany is number 2 in the world and the USA is 13th. However, you can see that this World Cup is full of upsets and surprises so far. I mean, Spain, number one, is already eliminated and Costa Rica is most assuredly advancing after beating Uruguay and Italy (which, NO ONE saw coming). So, what's the best case scenario of the US right now? Well, we need to tie or win. Losing is not an option because that's when things start to get a little tense (not that it isn't super tense right now). But, this is what Jurgen Klinsmann has to say. ..

Not a loss. Not a tie. A win. That is the over all focal point for the USA.

If you're not super stoked about this game already then watch this video HERE and you will be.

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