This week brings us many great Texas/Red Dirt shows and hours of nonstop entertainment.  Regardless of the venue make sure you're coming out and enjoying some shows.

Flickr- bjornsk

Friday night there are three very talented musicians in San Angelo.  First off, Jason Boland and the Stragglers are over at Midnight Rodeo but we have already been over this show.  Of course I love all music but one show I'd really like to check out is the Mike Ryan show at Blaine's Pub tonight.  It was just a couple weeks ago that Mike Ryan released the new album 'Night Comes Falling' which may I add is a phenomenal record.  Ridiculously crazy vocals, a solid band and fantastic writing will make this show one to top them all.  Also there is Aaron Einhouse at Stillwater Bar & Grill.  Aaron has played Blaine's before and come on air with me playing some of his originals.  He's a solid act with great tunes and awesome musicianship.  Aaron's current radio single 'Good To Be Home' is quite catchy and you'll be singing this one for a while.

Mike Ryan - The Cold One

Aaron Einhouse - Good To Be Home

Saturday we're looking at Larry Hooper at Stillwater Bar & Grill.  I'm not very familiar with Larry but looking forward to getting to know him and his style of music.  Larry is a Granbury boy so lets give him a big ole west Texas welcome.  Then over at Blaine's Pub it's Taylor Hodak.  We know Taylor from his first radio single 'My Chuck T's' and his current single 'Someday'.  Taylor has been doing some writing and working on a new album so we are bound to hear some of the new tunes Saturday night.  It's always fun when Taylor is in town so make sure you venture to Blaine's to check out the show.  Regardless of where you go just be sure to support live Texas/Red Dirt music this weekend.  See you out there.

Taylor Hodak - Someday