Awhile back, The Josh Abbott Band sat down with The Boot during the 2014 CMA Awards to discuss the future of their band. They have scored a record deal with Atlantic Records, and had some thoughts on what it meant for their music. The biggest concern was would they have to change if they went with a major label.

“You know, we’ve seen some of our friends from Texas sign the record deal, and then they kind of had to change the way they looked, or maybe the songs they had to sing, and we were kind of like, we appreciate the offer, but if we have to change who we are, then it just wouldn’t be right.”

Basically, The Josh Abbott Band wants to keep doing what they have been doing, staying true to their original vision, and their fan base. Atlantic Records apparently feels the same way,

“We were waiting for the right deal, and when Atlantic came to the table, they were like, ‘Just straight up, man, we don’t want to change what you’re doing,’” Abbott recalls.

Since we love the Josh Abbott Band's sound, we can get behind that. Now, when we go up North, they'll actually understand what we mean when we talk Texas & Red Dirt music.

If you haven't heard the Josh Abbott Band's major label debut, catch it right here.