If you want to buy something but don't currently have enough money, one option is to use layaway. Under that plan, the customer makes payments in installments and doesn't receive the item from the store until they have paid the full price.

Those who want to buy their holiday gifts this way probably have to start thinking about doing so soon. So how many holiday shoppers are planning on using layaway this season?

According to a Coupon Cabin survey of 2,339 adults, 34 precent are thinking about using layaway, including 9 percent who answered that they are "very likely" to do so.

The survey also found that the two biggest draws of using layaway is that it "helps a person buy larger items for the holidays that they couldn't afford to buy all at once" and it "helps a person budget his or her money."

The two most-cited drawbacks of the plan where "there's a charge to canceling a layaway order" and "the service fees end up making it not worth it."

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