Get excited! It's been a couple of years since William Clark Green has released an album. Ringling Road comes out tomorrow! At midnight the highly anticipated album will be released.

William and I visited this morning on the Kickin' Wake-Up Call and we talked about the new album. He is pretty excited about it and expressed his reasons why. He also explained the underlying theme within each album.

The single 'Sympathy' has already been a big hit for him and he has a new one called 'Sticks And Stones' moving up the charts quickly and the album hasn't even been released yet. This will be his fourth album. The first was Dangerous Man in 2008, followed by Misunderstood in 2010, and Rose Queen in 2013. William Clark Green will be playing the Larry Joe Taylor Music Fest this week as part of his tour promoting his new project.

Since he's been getting better and better with each new album, you won't want to miss out on Ringling Road. Listen to the full interview in the video above.