Many people ask me what my favorite artist is or what my favorite album is but I can't answer those questions.  I can't pinpoint one artist or album however I can tell you an album that is awesome and I feel is praise-worthy.


William Clark Green released 'Misunderstood' on March 1, 2011 and began pushing 'Tonight' to radio stations which turned out to be a great success.  The thirteen track album has got it all.  The songwriting is fantastic and musicianship behind it gives the entire album lots of drive.  I don't think I'd skip over any of the songs, it's that good.  While the song 'Misunderstood' is my favorite song on the album 'Dangerous Man Part 2' was pretty cool in my opinion.  'Dangerous Man' was the title track to his last album and a pretty legit song in itself.  Much of William Clark Green's writing kind of gives me a bayou feeling and is very different than anything else out there today.  'Caroline' was the second single off the album and did fairly well itself.  A music video was also made for the song which turned out great.  The production value on the video surpassed many that I've seen out there and was nominated for an award at the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards.  William actually won 'Best New Male Vocalist Of The Year' at the awards show, which Tommy and I presented.  The latest single is called 'Catch Me When I Fall' and features Mr. Josh Abbott himself.

If you're a fan of music you should own the album.  I'd actually recommend grabbing a copy of both his albums, 'Dangerous Man' and 'Misunderstood' as both are great.  I believe this group of talented musicians are going to farther than most in the music industry, not only is it great music but they also have their heads on straight.  If you want to catch a live show then you are in luck.  Saturday July 28th William Clark Green is playing Stillwater Bar & Grill, be there.  Be sure to chat with William, Jay, Steve and Cameron when you stop by the merch booth at the show.

William Clark Green- Caroline

William Clark Green- Misunderstood