With winter just around the corner the City wants to remind you that there are some winter time restrictions for Drought Level 1. Check out the restrictions inside so you are up to date.

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City Council is reminding everyone that under the current drought level restricitons we will be restricted on our outside watering due to the winter months. Drought Level 1 restrictions provide for outside watering once every two weeks. Currently you are able to water twice a week but the change will be in effect starting November the 1st.

Watering will be allowed at anytime of day from November 1 through March 31st, as well as the use of drip irrigation will be allowed at any time of the day provided you do not exceed the allotted one inch per week.

Additional usage restrictions that the City has enacted are as follows:

$2 charge per 1,000 gallon overage after 25,000 gallons of use

$3.50 charge per 1,000 gallons after 35,000 gallons of use

$6 charge per 1,000 gallons after 44,00 gallons of use