If you missed us this past week at Workin Women's Wednesday at Blaines Pub you missed out on one hell of a time and should make plans to be there this next Wednesday night.

Wednesday nights are always fun when it comes to Working Women's Wednesday we always have the $1 margaritas and the $2 longnecks, the free food and prizes galore. This week we had a wonderful chili dog and frito pie set up thanks to David Whitacre and Aaron.

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We played a few table games this past week but broke out a new way to win money and that was with the Kickin Country Cash Machine.

We stuffed it full of money drew numbers and sent lucky ladies in to the Cash Machine for their chance to take home as much money as they could in 10 seconds. Now as always this was the first time we had ever brought it out so we had some hiccups but next week you can bet we will be packing more money in it and letting more ladies join in on the fun.


This past week we had Rachel Lambert and Katelyn Robertson providing the entertainment. You want to see two young ladies with heart, soul and a voices that can only come from above well you need to check them out. A BIG THANKS to these young ladies for hanging out and jamming with us.



Join us next week for more winning fun and lots of prizes and your chance to hit that Kickin Country Cash Machine for all its worth and you take home the loot. Drink specials kick off at 7am with Baker and we will be there 6pm-8pm for all the fun you could ask for.