For quite some time now Tommy Boy and Cheyenne have been taking care of the patrons of Blaine's Pub for Working Women's Wednesday.  There has been a change in the roster, I'll be back.

Yep, I will be taking Tommy Boy's place next to Cheyenne at WWW starting this week.  For the long time patrons you know Tommy and I have alternated having a blast at Blaine's on Wednesdays and it's time for a switch-a-roo once again.  I honestly have missed all the fun games, great food, drink specials and of course the people.  It's a way to cut loose on 'Hump Day' and makes the work week go by a little faster.  For those of you who don't know what Working Women's Wednesday is, it focuses on working women in the Concho Valley.  The ladies have a chance to win cash money and great Texas music prizes.  While the money and prizes are only for the ladies the free food, drink specials and live entertainment is for everyone.  If you need help getting over the hump of the work week swing by Blaine's Pub every Wednesday from 6-8pm for games, prizes, free food, live entertainment, $1 margaritas and $2 longnecks.