We had one giant crowd this week at Blaine's Pub for this past week's Working Women's Wednesday! We didn't have anyone play live but that didn't stop us from having one heck of a time! Ben Ryan and I were out there broadcasting live and we had a blasty blast as he usually says! We switched it up this week and we played some random games with the ladies! I gave the ladies a choice of four cards and I told them which card to pick, lets say those ladies were good at picking the right card because I gave away about $50 with this game. Ben Ryan gave away about the same amount of money with quarters!


I had to take a picture of my plate of delicious food with my Sprite this week. Asian Buffet catered and it was awesome! I've never had crab rangoon but it was awesome, as well as we had some fried rice with egg rolls. Plus you can't forget the fortune cookie at the end! Can't wait for this week when we have another week of the original Working Women's Wednesday at Blaine's Pub! If you've never been out there, come out and hang with us this week! It's at the corner of Chadbourne and Harris and we'll be out there from 6-8!