KKCN[/caption]We had one awesome week of Working Women's Wednesday at Blaine's Pub! If you haven't ever joined us for this middle of the week party, you are missing out! This week we had Asian Buffet cater and it was legit, their egg rolls are my favorite! We also had the musical stylings of Haden Burchard, Kramer Labarge, Judson Cole and Rylee Ramos, and let me tell you, these guys ROCKED the house. They played some of the classics, as well as they played some of all of their new stuff! Ben Ryan and I actually gave away some serious awesome stuff. We gave away a bunch of CD's as well as we gave away cash money! We gave away a $10, $15, $20, and $25! We also went around and played those awesome table games with those wonderful If you missed it this week, make sure to join us next week for the special day after Christmas Working Women's Wednesday! Also, you can't complain about those $1 Margaritas and $2 Longnecks!