If you didn't join us last night at the first Working Women's Wednesday of 2013 at Blaine's Pub, you missed a great one!





We definitely started 2013 out with a bang for our Working Women's Wednesdays at Blaine's Pub. David from Townsquare Media cooked some awesome bacon cheeseburgers that was all FREE! Ben Ryan and I were also there hanging out from 6-8 and let me tell you we had some fun. We had those table games you know and love like quarters and find the joker. We also gave away some awesome CD's and a couple of concert DVD's as well! We ended up giving away cash prizes totally $100 on stage to some lucky working women! We had a giant prize of $30 at the end, and we had some happy ladies out there! We also had Mr. Judson Cole come and rock the house playing acoustically and let me tell you, he is great! If you haven't joined us yet for a week of Working Women's Wednesday, come out and join us next week! You can't complain about the $1 Margaritas, $2 long necks, free food, and cash money! We'll see you next week!