If you missed us this Wednesday at Blaines Pub for Working Women's Wednesday here is what you missed.This week we had a great time at Blaines Pub with free food from Pizza Pronto as well as the $1 margaritas and the $2 long necks but there was so much more. Over the night we gave away tickets to Schlitterbahn and lots of cash money prizes.  The ladies walked away the winners all night long. We also played a WWW favorite game called purse bingo and let me tell you what we had some folks with some crazy one of a kind items in their purses that scored them cold hard cash.

If you missed Working Women's Wednesday last night don't miss out on the live entertainment the rest of the week! Thursday night is the final round of the Beat The Heat Bikini Contest and Aaron Einhouse afterwards, Friday is Buckshot Bradley and Saturday its Nick Verzosa. We will be back at Blaines Pub on Wednesday for Working Women's Wednesday from 6-8 to start it all over again!