If you missed out on last week of Working Women's Wednesday, you missed out on a great one! Check out to see on what we all did!


We had another great week of Working Women's Wednesday at Blaine's Pub last week! We had Lonestar Cheeseburger cater and let me tell you the food was amazing! They had BBQ sliders and jalapeno poppers for us, and probably the hottest BBQ sauce I've ever had. I'm so glad they got to come out and make us some amazing food. We also played those lovely table games that you ladies love so much, we walked around and played quarters and find the joker. We also had a surprise purse bingo game. As being a girl, our purses carry the craziest things you could probably ever find. I love playing purse bingo because it shows that there is no telling what is gonna be in those purses! If you haven't joined us for Working Women's Wednesday at Blaine's Pub yet, come out tonight and see what it's all about! We give away some serious cash money as well as they have $1 Margaritas and $2 Long necks till 9PM! Tonight we've got Dickey's BBQ catering for us and we've also got Mr. Cameran Nelson playing acoustic tonight! Come out and hang with Ben Ryan and I and get over that hump day!