We had a blast this Wednesday at Working Women's Wednesday! Check this out to see what all we did this week!


We had a great time this week at Working Women's Wednesday at Blaine's Pub! We had Kramer and Jared from Whiskey Skyline come up and jam for us and seriously those guys can jam. If you have never checked out at Whiskey Skyline show you need to do your ears a favor and go check one out! They also had Miss Jessi England come up and sing a few tunes with them. Her voice is so awesome and she is a little spit fire that you can't help but love! We also had Nacho's cater and they had some awesome taquitos that where gone within like ten minutes! Our Working Women's Wednesday patrons love their food! We gave away some awesome CD's at the first such as Sam Riggs and the Night People, John Slaughter's "Stay For a While" album, and a few more! We also played those table games that you love so much like quarters and find the joker. I saw one lady roll a quarter off of her nose and make it in the shot glass four times! She has the record from all the times I've played quarters with the ladies. Something cool about this week was that it was my official year mark hanging out with y'all at Working Women's Wednesday for Kickin' and I couldn't be happier! Y'all are awesome! We ended up giving away a LOT of cash money. I gave away a $5, $10, $15, $20 and a whopping $25 prize! If you have never came and hung out with us at Blaine's Pub for Working Women's Wednesday, you need to start! We always have $1 Margaritas and $2 Long necks from 7AM-9PM! We also have food catered for FREE, and cash money to give away! Come hang with us next week at the corner of Chadbourne and Harris at Blaine's Pub!