Last night Working Women's Wednesday was too legit to quit as some people may say.  Great food, live music and cash money prizes equals a great time.

Ben Ryan

Last night we had a big time at Blaine's Pub for Working Women's Wednesday and it was a packed house.  We had great food, awesome live music and some snazzy prizes.  If you weren't there, you missed out.  Miss Cheyenne was on vacation so I had a interim Cheyenne, literally.  Cheyenne Cooper helped out with the table games and drawing tickets for prizes.  Speaking of prizes we had CDs from Mario Flores, No Justice, John Slaughter and Ray Johnston that we gave away along with $150 in cash prizes.  Smokey Joe's catered pulled pork and brisket with the option of making a sandwich or taco and Smokey Joe's has got some awesome BBQ.  Pair the BBQ with $1 margaritas and $2 longnecks and that's what I call winning.  Following that Mr. Brandon Fulton hopped on the Blaine's stage and jammed out all night with his originals along with covers we all know and love.  It was one for the record books last night folks.  Be sure to join us next week for more free CDs, cash prizes, Dix Hat Band full band acoustic and free food.  Can't beat that with a stick, we'll see you there.

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 Next week's musical guest is Dix Hat Band, they're legit.

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