Zane Williams and Kylie Rae Harris will be jammin' out in San Angelo this Saturday.  The House Of FiFi DuBois will be the place to be.

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You've heard the newest single from Zane Williams 'Sure Felt Like Goodbye' along with other hits such as 'Ride With Me' and '99 Bottles'.  This Saturday join the House Of FiFi DuBois as they welcome Zane Williams and Kylie Rae Harris for an unforgettable show.  Both Zane and Kylie Rae have been featured on Troubadour TX and now you have a chance to see first hand the fruits of their labor.  I've not had the chance to see either of these artists full band but through avenues such as radio interviews and being at the same 'get togethers' I've heard both perform in the most stripped down and pure form, acoustic.  Both absolutely blew me away with sweet, smooth vocals and superb writing.  I will be at FiFi's on Saturday and I suggest you be there too.

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Zane Williams - Sure Felt Like Goodbye

Zane Williams - Ride With Me

Kylie Rae Harris - July In The Hill Country

Kylie Rae Harris - All The Right Reasons