Zane Williams' new video for 'Jayton and Jill' is out now, and you should definitely take the time to watch it. The video directed by Lindley Atkinson, for Unwritten Pictures, and produced by Chelsea Drimmel and James Hodgin, for Be Music and Entertainment and does a remarkable job in capturing the story that Williams is weaving.

Williams’ visual songwriting is a tale of a young man who comes to the rescue of a young woman late one night on a lonely county road, only to discover that she was really the one who was the hero. We won't ruin the ending for you because it is a good one. Just go ahead and watch the video for yourself.

“Story songs are my favorite songs, and the place they come from is a little more mysterious than the ones you write about your own life. I hope this will become a classic tale of two young people who society overlooked, who were able to save each other through a simple act of kindness,” says Williams.


The song was originally conceived through a songwriting experiment on Zane's Facebook page where fans submit random words and Zane picks the first 10 and then writes a song with them in it.  The final version for the album only has 3 words left: Jayton, Jill, and 4th of July. Check out the original Music Monday video below that Zane Williams posted before refining the song to his most recent hit.