In the midst of celebrating one of my friends birthday last night I have discovered my new favorite restaurant/beer house.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.


In just under two years of living in San Angelo I thought I'd found all the best spots to eat and drink, last night one blew the others out of the water.  Enter, Zero One Ale House, a new restaurant with the best selection in beer I've seen since leaving Fort Worth where The Flying Saucer was very next door to the office.  My friend Josh and Rusty along with Ashley and myself ventured to Zero One last night for Josh's birthday.  Josh had been there before and said the food is good and the import beer selection was the best in San Angelo.

Zero One had a nice atmosphere and looked fairly nice on the inside.  The menu had some pretty interesting items on it, there was even a late night only menu full of foods worthy of after hours dining with some cold beers.  It'll cost you more than Chili's but the food is well worth it.  Josh and Rusty both got fish and chips which they said was pretty dang good.  Ashley ordered the pulled pork sandwich which had a great flavor and the right amount zing.  I had the cheese blanket bacon burger.  Wow, hands down the best burger I've had in San Angelo.  It was very filling and absolutely delicious.

Now, about the beer.  I only tried one last night but saw many on the beer menu I would love to come back and taste.  I had a Weihenstephaner which was one of the best beers I've tried.  One of the cool things about Zero One's beer menu is the description they put along with he beer.  They tell include the name, type of beer, every flavor that you could encounter in the beer and what amount of alcohol is in the beer.  All in all it's a pretty cool place.  Oh, they also have live music there on occasion.  It's worth checking out.  Zero One Ale House is located in the old River Calley Cafe building close to Fuentes.  Leave me some feed back after you test it out.

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