If you are a coffee drinker, you probably make a fresh pot and throw out the used grounds. Don't do that. There are so many things that these leftovers are beneficial for, from a skin exfoliator to a boost for your garden........., 

Here is a list of 10 ways to reuse coffee grounds in beneficial ways that might surprise you!

Bug Repellent.....You can burn coffee grounds to create a natural mosquito repellent for your next backyard party. Burn them in a bowl. You can also protect your plants from ants by creating a ring of used grounds around them.

Compost.....composting them can give your garden a boost. According to Home Guides, you want to create a compost by combining grounds, grass clippings and dried leaves. After turning the compost over weekly, add it to your garden in a month or so.

Fertilizer.....Coffee Grounds are not only a source of nitrogen, but also improve the drainage and aeration in the soil. Just don't over do it. Start with a little & go from there.

Skin exfoliator.....coffee grounds make a great skin exfoliant. Detox your skin and fight dry patches by gently rubbing them on moistened skin.

Cooking.....Coffee grounds can add wonderful flavors to your meals when cooking and baking. From meat rubs to chocolate dishes, there are many possibilities.

Trash deodorizer.....Money Crashers has a creative way to use grounds as a dumpster deodorizer. They suggest putting dry coffee grounds in a pantyhose stocking and hanging it on the inside lid of your dumpster or trash can to absorb odors.

Repair wood scratches.....Another great idea from Money Crashers is to use the grounds to fill in scratches in dark wood. Simply mix grounds with some warm water until it becomes a paste. Then, rub it into the scratch to stain the wood and make it less noticeable.

Pot and pan cleaner.....After the meal and it’s time to do your dishes, take some used coffee grounds and a sponge to your dirty pots and pans.

Shoe deodorizer.....Use your grounds to freshen up your shoes. Money Crashers says to “sprinkle dry coffee grounds into your shoes, let them sit overnight, and then shake the grounds out over a trashcan.”

Treat dandruff.....Many people have reported that an easy hair treatment using coffee grounds got rid of their dandruff. It can also help to remove buildup from pores on the scalp and ease itching. Keep in mind that this is for people with dark hair only.

I'm sure there are other benefits to reusing coffee grounds, but the above 10 are a pretty good start!