Summertime is a time for rest and relaxation. There are so many ways to spend your summer and the past two months have been great.

It looks like you’ve been having a little too much time chilling out, though, hanging out poolside. Here are 10 signs you’ve wasted away the summer.

1. That grove in your couch has become deeper and more permanent.

2. You’ve worn out your ‘American Reunion’ BluRay.

3. Your skin has become so tan that people on the beach are worried and begging you to stay indoors.

4. Your supply of marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey’s chocolate is running low.

5. You haven’t washed your blender in weeks. Instead, you just keep filling it with margaritas.

6. The employees at your local AMC Theater know your name because you’ve seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ eight times.

7. Your kids have nicknamed your pool ‘Mom & Dad’s Lazy River.’

8. You’ve mounted an HDTV to the tree in your backyard.  (You know, the one with the hammock attached to it?)

9. People are starting to think the mosquito bites on your legs is leprosy.

10. You’ve worn the same bathing suit for a month straight.

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