Electric Bills as you know, can really get expensive, especially during the summertime. It cost to stay cool. Here are 10 ways to help save money and be comfortable...

10. Learn your peak hours...Many electric companies give discounts for using less electricity during their peak hours. Check with your electric company to find out.

9. Ask for discounts...Ask your electric company about any discounts you might be eligible for, such as being on a fixed income or having a disability.

8. Change your filter...Keeping your air filter clean could help reduce your electric bill in a couple of ways. It helps to make the system run more efficiently, and will also keep it from working as hard.

7. Draft blockers...Draft blockers or weather stripping are great for keeping cold air in and hot air out of your home. Check for drafts around your doors and windows. If you find one, use a draft blocker.

6. Use your fan...When the temperatures aren’t overwhelmingly hot, try using a fan instead of your air conditioner to stay cool, especially at night.

5. Change colors...If you have a dark roof or dark paint colors, it might be time for a change. Research shows that homes with lighter colored roofs can reduce their energy usage by as much as 40 percent. Switching to a light paint color is also a great way to save. Remember...dark absorbs, light reflects. This is especially true with heat!

4. Install a programmable thermostat... This will allow you to adjust your AC to your lifestyle.

3. Use energy-saving products and bulbs...Consider switching out your light bulbs and appliances for more energy-efficient options. It can save you a lot of money just turning the lights off when not in use.

2. Get outside...Why not adjust the thermostat up and spend some time outside when it's not too hot. Enjoy the great outdoors, especially in the evenings.

1. Plants...Shady plants and trees outside your home, especially near windows and doors certainly help to reduce the amount of electricity you use.

Hopefully some of the above ideas will help you to save some money and still stay comfortable through the Summer months!

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