As the holidays approach we think of good times with family and friends with more food than we could ever imagine, but the sad truth is that there are folks right here in the Concho Valley that are going hungry because they dont have any food.

As we approach the time of year for the 14th Annual Kickin Country Food Drive I give many thanks to those who started this awesome three day event to cure the hunger in the Concho Valley. This year marks the 5th year that I have personally been involved with this project and I am glad to say that this is the time of year that I look forward to around the holiday season.


Each year more and more people turn out to support a cause that hits so close to home to all of us as well as affects people that live just a door down or a street over. HUNGER is a big problem in the Concho Valley with families going for days with out meals, kids that are going to school on an empty stomach because they cant afford to buy groceries.

As we all gear up for the holiday season and talk about the massive feasts that we will prepare I think about the family that is setting at home with the 4 year old that is so hungry because the last meal that he or she had was on Friday at school and its only Saturday, or the elderly person who cant go to the store and has to sit at home with out food because they don't have the money nor the transportation to get food.


I know that what we do is only a small drop in the bucket to a goal of no one going hungry but we are back on the path for "One More Can" which is the slogan for the food drive for the past 14 years. It only takes every person in the Concho Valley to bring one more can to help us get closer to our goal of eliminating hunger in the Concho Valley.

To everyone who has donated in previous food drives THANK YOU, to those that will donate this year Thank You in advance and I will see you over the next three days. It doesn't matter how old you are or what your social status is we have a social responsiblity to help those around us and here is your chance. Year after year we have at least one kid under the age of 8 who brings a can or gives their allowance to this cause , I hope that they  have set the example for everyone to come donate at the 14th Annual Kickin Country Food Drive.