I am very blessed to have such an awesome redneck fun family.  Keep reading to see all the ridiculous redneck traits my family has.

Growing up I didn't realize how great of a family I have. It wasn't until I moved away for college that I realized that my family is redneck. Not sure why it took me moving from one small town to another to realize this, but my family is awesomely redneck.

Here is 20 reasons why I call us redneck:

1- My dad watches NASCAR. No need to explain this one.
2- We have more deer on our walls than pictures
3- We have a cowhide rug in our living room
4- My mom loves her goats....and named them all
5- My dads favorite vehicle is his beloved Kubota tractor
6- Opening day for hunting season is a holiday
7- We BBQ for any occasion
8- Keystone Keg beer is our favorite
9- My dads 4 pound dog goes with him everywhere
10- Vacation is going fishing or camping
11- We go to Wal-Mart to see our friends
12- We own numerous Red Rider BB Guns
13- We shoot cans in our front yard for fun
14- My dads idea of a pool is a horse trough
15- My mom can't send a text message to save her life
16- Our idea of the perfect date is drinking beer around a bonfire
17-It's not unusual to get a fishing pole or gun for Christmas
18- Sometimes I think our dogs are fed better than us
19- Camo is a usual pattern on all our clothing
20- Men are not allowed to Pee indoors, that's what the back porch is for.

If you are reading this blog and shaking your head yes, chances are you are probably a redneck too. It's OK, it's a fun way to live. If your family is as redneck as mine, feel free to add on to this list and share your redneck family stories.