58 years ago today on this date in 1959, we lost Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. 'The Big Bopper' Richardson to a plane crash in Iowa.

The day was immortalized in the Don McLean song 'American Pie' as 'The Day The Music Died'. The artists were a part of a Midwest tour that was taking place at the time. A tour bus malfunction during the tour prompted Holly to charter a plane to their next destination. There was little room on the plane, so a coin toss between Valens and musician Tommy Allsup took place. Valens won the toss and a seat on the plane. Waylon Jennings, who at the time played in Holly's band, gave his seat up to 'The Big Bopper'.

A somewhat little know fact is that when Holly heard Jennings he had given up his seat, he joked to him that he hoped the bus would freeze up, Jennings retorted that he hoped the plane would crash. Jennings said it took him years to get over what he said to Holly.

Tell us Concho Valley, what memories do you have of Buddy Holly, 'The Big Bopper' and Ritchie Valens and their music. Join the discussion in the below comment section.


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