Video games are often praised for their life-like qualities -- the realistic graphics, the grabbing action, the way women are always wearing short shorts. (Er, scratch that last one.) These gamers, however, took it to the next level by literally bringing their favorite games to life. Check out some classic video games brought to life. Recreate these and you won't just feel like you're in the action, you will be in it.

Mario Cart

Watch French comedian Remi Gaillard take to the streets in a go-cart. The music is spot on and Gaillard looks exactly like Mario, but the bananas don't seem to work as well as we remember in the game.


An adorable game between father and son of real-life Pac-Man. The dad looks like a fun ghost, but someone needs to tell this kid between eating marshmallows to stop jumping over the lines.

Donkey Kong

The cast of 'Jackass' does an awesome (and possibly dangerous) real-life version of 'Donkey Kong.' We would love to play on this grown up's jungle gym.

Grand Theft Auto (NSFW)

These guys show us what 'Grand Theft Auto' would look like in real life, complete with the awkward body movements and impossibility of a man not getting hurt after being shot point-blank.

The Sims (NSFW)

A real-life reenactment of the hit video game that recreates life virtually. Killing the characters seems a lot more more evil when they're not animations.

Mario Bros.

This is a cool recreation of the classic 'Mario Bros.' game, but the guy looks a little too bored for the awesomeness of 'Mario Bros.'

Angry Birds

This kid created a huge 'Angry Birds' game in real life using a giant air cannon to shoot pumpkins instead of birds. The setting was made from bales of hay and wood planks and looks just the real game,  only much, much bigger.


This guy made an awesome portal gun. This isn't just a prop though -- in the video, we can see how real life wormholes would work.


This mini-movie is a funny representation of what the fantasy world of 'Skyrim' would be like in the year 2012. The Potion of Haggling is useful for a convenience store purchase but throwing fire and ice in the parking lot looks a little strange.

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