My blood is boiling right now as I write this.

This is not funny, this is not cute. This is insensitive, disturbing, and quite frankly it is evil.

The newest online trend, challenge, whatever you want to call it is named after George Floyd, the man murdered by Minneapolis police.

Now this challenge does not celebrate his life, it does not highlight the legendary African Americans who pioneered civil liberties like Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks.

No, instead, teenagers are taking pictures of one friend laying on the ground and the other friend with their knee on their neck.

These juvenile delinquents completely mocking the murder of this man.

The original post was in a small town in Ohio, but this trend has taken a life of its own across most forms of social media.

But it is not all bad news, 2 girls who reenacted it got their acceptance Missouri State University rescinded after they uploaded a video mocking Floyd’s killing on snapchat. 

Teens and adults are reenacting this horrid event and they think they're above trouble.

Normally we would show images of these but it's too upsetting for some to see and I do not blame you for not wanting to see it.

To anyone who enacted this challenge. I hope you take a long look in the mirror and think about what kind of person and legacy you want to leave on this world.

Leave the world better than you found it.

-Robert Baden-Powell

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