The San Antonio FBI is telling texans to be aware that a now phone scam is being run throughout the State.

According to Fox7, the scammers reportedly identify them as either IRS or FBI agents, or other government officials. Previous victims say the calls appear to originate from 940-766-4441, which is the phone number of the FBI office in Wichita Falls, Texas.

When a person answers the call, the scammer asks for immediate payment of fees or unpaid taxes. Know that the FBI and most other government agencies will never call you to request money. That should throw up an instant flag as to it not being a legitimate call.

Past victims have reported the callers usually speak English, but with a very strong foreign accent. It’s still unclear who is making the calls.

If you get one of these scam calls, Officials ask that you hang up immediately and call the FBI’s San Antonio Field office at 210-225-6741 to report the incident!

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