Aaron Watson went online this morning to explain the cover of his upcoming album 'Vaquero'. In his post, Watson explained why he does not want to drop the 'Texas Red Dirt Music' label he has been given over the years.

For so long, I've had so many within the music industry tell me, "if you're ever going to break out and go big time, you are going to have to drop the Texas Red Dirt Music label." With all due respect, I couldn't disagree more. The Underdog album made history by becoming the first ever independent album to chart number one on Country Billboard. I believe people are hungry for all different flavors of country music!

Watson's 'Vaquero' is scheduled for a February 24th release. You can see Watson's full statement in the above post from Watson's official Facebook page.

So tell us Concho Valley, what do you think of Aaron Watson saying he wants to continue to be labelled 'Texas Red Dirt'? Sound off and let us know in the below comment section.

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