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It's not every day that you hear a story about passengers on an airline that ends in a positive light.

Normally when we hear about passengers on planes, it's about fights over masks or the airline over booking or even airlines stranding passengers due to canceled flights. But this story is different. This is a story about passengers coming together to save a man's life.

According to KXAN, a passenger was found unconscious on an American Airlines from Cancun to Austin this past Sunday. The man who passed out was experiencing hypoxia, which is where there is a lack of oxygen flowing to the tissues of your body. His pupils were small and some passengers believed he had suffered an overdose or a "pulmonary embolism."

Passengers were lucky that ICU nurse Megan Sconzert saw the commotion and worked to treat the passenger. Sconzert wasn't the only one with medical experience on the flight that night, however. Several people with medical backgrounds treated the man, KXAN reported:

On board the flight was not only Sconzert, but also a pediatric ICU nurse practitioner, a surgical oncologist, an ER/prison nurse and a trained first responder. They all worked together to help the patient.

They looked through the patient’s belongings to try to determine how to best treat him. He had different medications as well as what was described as unknown white pills at the bottom of his bags.

They treated him with two doses of naloxone, a medicine often known by the brand name Narcan, that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose. The trained first responder gave him rescue breathing, and Sconzert administered an IV.

The passengers worked together and saved the passenger's life.

Great job to those involved in the emergency.

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