These two only have eyes for each other.

A man and woman made out so intensely at the Tap Inn bar and casino in Billings, Mont. that they failed to notice the establishment was being held up as they played tonsil hockey.

Watch the video and you'll see the couple cannot keep their paws off each other, even as the bartender sticks his hands in the air and an armed masked man comes around to his side of the bar to help himself to cash from the til.

Then, another suspect walks right by the couple who continue to peck at each other like they're under the high school bleachers when they should be in study hall.

The holdup, part of a rash of robberies in the city in the last week, took place around 1:15 a.m. this past Monday and no arrests have been made (and don't expect these lovebirds to be the most reliable of witnesses if the goons ever appear in a police lineup).

It's unclear how much money the three suspects believed to be responsible for the robbery stole. The bartender was not hurt in the incident. It's also not clear whether the kissing couple has come up for air.

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