April bloopers bring May laughs.

Just like every month, this past one was chock full of slips of the tongue, flashing of the chests, scares and surprises, as the news experienced the bloopers that make it so darned fun to watch. You don't know when it will happen, you don't know where it will happen, but you know that at any moment a screwup may take place. Put them all together and you get this wonderful supercut that will make you glad someone is out there doing all the dirty work for you.

There are plenty of weatherman fails to keep you entertained, because we all know weathermen are the clowns of local news, but the bulk of this compilation is made up of a car chase in Los Angeles that is just truly odd, but so entertaining.

Enjoy and keep your fingers that May's bloopers will have us even half as enthralled as April's have.

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