Since my brother is a chef I've seen so many crazy food shows on TV with him, but not even 'Man vs. Food' can compete with 'EpicMealTime' on YouTube. These guys are crazy, just saying.


Somehow these guys  incorporate every type/cut of meat with cheese and Jack Daniels along with some other crazy ingredients. So if you think you've come up with some pretty crazy concoctions, think again.  Heard of a Turducken?  That's a turkey, duck and chicken all put together.  Well, the guys at Epic Meal Time got crazy and added bacon, cornish hen, quail and a whole pig among some other homemade items.

I think they may like bacon just a little bit as well.  If you would like to check them out they post a new video every Tuesday.  There is a plethora of themes and ingredients ranging from movie influences to actual dishes with a twist!  It's kind of hard to keep up with everything they put into these feasts, just make sure you don't have a weak stomach.  Oh, they're good for a few laughs too!  Click Epic Meal Time for the YouTube page.


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