Bart Crow is finally back in San Angelo. He'll be playing this Saturday night, May 30th, at Blaine's pub. Wonder what shenanigans he'll get into this weekend. Either way, you'll have to come by to find out.

I would certainly suggest that you get your tickets as early as possible because they are going fast. I interviewed Bart this morning on the 'Kickin' Wake Up Call' and we talked about what is going on in his world these days.

We talked about his forthcoming album and current single. We also discussed the success of his last album 'Dandelion' which produced 5 number one singles on the Texas Charts. Bart Crow is a busy guy on the road also as he plays over 200 dates a year. He is about to head out of state again very soon and we talked about that.

In our interview, we went back to the beginning of his professional career and how he and his wife to be at that time, took a leap of faith when they loaded everything up and headed to Austin.

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