Bart Crow has released the track listing for his new album The Parade which will be released on October 2nd. Crow, an Army veteran, was recently invited to make his Grand Ole Opry debut and he will make his trek to Music City to realize a career dream when he steps foot in to the historic “Circle”Friday, August 21. His family and close friends will be in tow to share the special night.
The Parade Track Listing:
1) Queen of the Heartache Parade     (Jonathan Terrell / Bart Crow)
2) Dear Music                                     (Bart Crow)
3) Baby Come Back Home                 (Bart Crow)
4) Vapor Trails                                   (Drew Kennedy)
5) Top of Rock Bottom                       (Jonathan Terrell)
6) One Night with You                       (Derik Hultquist / Bart Crow)
7) Here We Go Again                         (Mando Saenz / Bart Crow)
8) Life Comes At You Fast                  (Bart Crow, Trent Summar, Gary Nicholson)
9) Come Back Tomorrow                    (Mando Saenz / Bart Crow)
10) City Limit Signs                             (Bart Crow)
11) Free Like Me                                  (Mando Saenz / Bart Crow)