Everybody has a little Sherlock Holmes inside itching to show their proficiency with observation & deduction to solve a mystery of some kind. A Murder at Fort Concho is giving you that chance.

Modeled after the board game “Clue”, A Murder at Fort Concho gives you the opportunity to play detective for a night this Friday & Saturday, November 4th & 5th. Listen to the suspects’ alibis, search for clues, and help Miss Terri Salva solve the whodunit. You are invited to Come alone or try to solve the mystery as a group! This year Fort Concho is giving you 2 nights to play along! You may want to play both nights because each will have different results! Do you think you can solve it?

Much like last year, to provide a safer environment for their detectives, they will be using current COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and tickets will be sold for specific start times. The first available time slot will be at 7:00 pm with additional start times scheduled every 15 minutes until 9:00 pm. All detectives will have until 10:30 pm to solve the mystery.

Detectives can purchase their tickets in the Visitor Center at Barracks 1, or by calling (325) 481-2646. Since capacity for each time slot is limited, tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are $10 for the general public and $8 for Fort Concho Members.

Fort Concho is located at 630 S. Oakes St in San Angelo. The program will begin in the Visitor Center at Barracks 1. Parking will be available

Keep up with events and activities at Fort Concho by clicking here.

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